Apr 18, 2009

Internet Business: Making Money on the Web

Make money on the internet is a fascinating subject. Millions have leaped into the internet, putting up websites and waiting for the money to start rolling in...but it never does. They wonder why. Frankly, I never gave it much thought until a few years ago when I happened to represent a client who was making millions selling some very high-dollar products. I recall being stunned at the hundreds of phone calls that came into the office when I was there, all of them wanting to buy product. I even watched as one salesman sold $50,000.00 worth of product in a single day!

There are now many thousands of web profiteers making tons of money on the internet. But, it's not so simple as merely putting up a web site and waiting for the money to come rolling into one's bank account. It can be a rather sophisticated process. There's a lot of learning to the whole process.

I began to investigate the matter when I decided to revive my publishing company that had lain dormant for many years. It became clear to me that internet marketing skills were of absolute importance. So, I began a quest which consisted of subscribing to virtually every guru and web profiteer out there. Some of them were pretty high rollers. They were selling their services for a LOT of money, too steep for the average Jane or Joe. I'm not saying that a high-priced program that teaches you how to set up a successful internet business is wrong. Value is not necessarily in the complexity or the depth of a product, but rather in whether or not it succeeds in its purpose, and the value it brings to the customer. As a lawyer, I've saved clients a lot of money with just a few simple legal techniques. The charges I made to them were insignificant when compared to the savings. So, even though some of those guru's are charging a lot of money, I cannot say they are "overpriced," or outrageous. I can say that I have found some that are cheaper, and very, very good. One is the course by Derek Gehl (see the ad below). I have to say, it's the best I've found on the internet. Some may be better, but I've not seen one yet. If you've an interest in learning how to market on the internet, I highly recommend this course.