May 28, 2010

Firefox Not Responding...but I am

I've given up on Firefox.

For years, I've loved using that browser. The little add ons that you can get with it are marvelous. However, for about a year now, I've been experiencing problems with Firefox. The biggest problem is a "not responding" message. Firefox just freezes for about a minute or more. If I try and click on it anywhere, the screen greys out. Eventually, it wakes up and all is well until the next frozen moment.

No more. I googled the issue and found several remedies. Nothing seemed to help. No doubt if I was a geek, I could fix the issue. I think I'll just wait until Firefox fixes the issue. Until then, Chrome wins the browser wars (with Opera coming in a close second). I like the speed of both those browsers.

May 13, 2010

Clean up the Oil Using Hay

Cleaning up the oil spill in the Gulf is doable with a minimal cost impact and minimal environmental impact. This ole country boy has a great idea.