Jun 14, 2009

Mind Control in America

An interesting mind control war is going on in America, mostly in the deep South. Florida and Texas have been havens for the notorious fire-ants, vicious little creatures that have flooded the states and caused havoc and chaos to the natural environments they have invaded. Originally from South America, they have been steadily growing in numbers. Recently, scientists discovered a natural predator to the ant: parasitic phorid flies.

Jun 11, 2009

The Life of a Pastor Can Be Tough

I've been thinking, lately, about the life of a pastor. It can be a hectic one, very stressful, full of surprises, and full of dangers. It is not uncommon for pastors to suffer "burnout," where they are so stressed out and emotionally drained, that something within just shuts down, and they become listless, their energy declines, and sometimes, they are transformed from an energetic, zealous man of God, into a zombie-like robot, without feelings.