Jun 14, 2009

Mind Control in America

An interesting mind control war is going on in America, mostly in the deep South. Florida and Texas have been havens for the notorious fire-ants, vicious little creatures that have flooded the states and caused havoc and chaos to the natural environments they have invaded. Originally from South America, they have been steadily growing in numbers. Recently, scientists discovered a natural predator to the ant: parasitic phorid flies.

This particular fly seeks out the fire-ant to lay its larvae. It actually implants the larvae into the head of the fire-ant. Mysteriously, once injected, the fire-ant becomes a zombie and wanders from its home and seeks out locations that are moist and populated with leaves, a home suitable for the fly. Eventually, the fire-ant loses its head, as the larvae eats the contents. The head literally falls off the body. Researchers have been importing these natural predators into these hard-hit states, and doing controlled releases. It’s apparently working.

Mind control has long been a sought-after goal by government agencies like the CIA, governments around the world, dictators and even individuals. Mostly, what has been wanted was a way to control the mind of an individual such that this person would obey every command given to him or her by a controller. Movies have depicted this control as coming from a radio beam to a device implanted in the mind of the controlled individual, or some kind of telepathic communications. There have been books and movies made where the controlled individual was, in essence, a “sleeper” waiting to be awakened in order to do the job his mind was previously programmed to do.

Actually, it has been achieved, but not like most have envisioned.

Mind control comes in different forms.

Today, the reading skills of our youth have plummeted. Our children don’t read books any more because they’re too busy playing games. Ignorant parents ignore this obsession kids have with their game toys, arguing that it really does develop their minds, blah, blah, blah. It develops their minds all right. It trains them to think in the strange, reality-warped ways a particular game is programed. In short, our kids are programed to think like...well, like a program has taught them to think.

This isn’t a scholastic program. It’s a program designed to take a program’s surreal fiction and turn it into a kid’s reality. Sadly, when the child grows up, he’s still hooked into the games, still programmed in ways he cannot even begin to understand.

America has been “dumbed down.” America’s mental prowess is being undermined and our national intellect is shrinking. Our children, and millions of our entire population are being dominated by games, by movies, and by an array of television “reality shows” that are as unreal a depiction of life as Roy Rogers was to the Old West.

We’ve had some parasitic flies (translate: entrepreneurs) plant their larvae into the brains of our populace. The implantation has done something to the brains of our children and ourselves. We find our children seeking out places that are alien to being a good, productive, and intelligent citizen. We find them no longer feeding their minds with the kind of information designed to help our species grow and prosper. Instead, they’re finding paths that are destructive and contra to their well being. They’ve become intellectual zombies, their minds controlled by clever contraptions that cause them, among other things, to shut out the rest of the world, to deny their mind the food it needs to grow, and to go in paths that ultimately lead to their destruction.

Corporately, we’ve lost a lot of heads. Every day, a child shuts his or her mind off from the rest of the world and plugs it into a game, or into a stream of endless peckings of abbreviated messages that no one will ever remember, and no one will ever see again.Endless hours are being poured into the manipulation of devices in order to achieve one of two goals: a programmers design, i.e., kill the monster, find the gold, etc.; or, text someone some gibberish that the recipient will forget by the next morning, and no other human on the planet will ever benefit from.

If we don’t correct the course, we will lose far more than millions of heads.

We will become controlled subjects of a nation far superior to us, intellectually, that did not lose its head to games, television and movies.

And that will be another, far worse, kind of mind control.

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