Jan 15, 2010

Haiti, Chaos, and Fading Memories

Haiti has become chaos layered with magnificent efforts to bring structure and organization there. Eventually, the chaos will subside. It will leave in its wake, bewilderment, confusion, and a deep, abiding sense of loss. But, it will not all be bad. For the first time in its history, the entire world is focused on this tiny little nation. Oh, there was great attention paid to it during the terrible coup years, when the government was in turmoil and the NATO forces were called in to help restore order. But, there was no real attention given to the needs of the nation, and the people. In that time, much aid was given, which had a strange way of disappearing. There was simply no accounting for the millions of dollars of goods and other aid that was brought into the country.

Now, it’s different (or so it is said).