Nov 4, 2009

BPA - a Serious Health Hazard to Infants & Adults

High levels of BPA exist in canned goods and even baby bottles. Tests have shown these levels have caused serious harm to animals.

Bisphenol A, a chemical used in producing hard plastics used in water and baby bottles was shown to be harmful to humans, causing abnormalities in reproductive systems, and causing breast and prostate cancer, diabetes and heart disease. As a result, people began tossing out their plastic bottles.
Now, the chemical has been found in various brand-named canned goods. 

The chemical has also been found in certain name-brand canned foods, according to a study.
In its December 2009 issue, Consumer Reports tested soups, juice, tuna and green beans, and found that 19 name-brand foods contain some amount of BPA, which is used in the plastic lining in many canned foods. Even some organic foods didn't pass the test. Some labels also declared their cans BPA-free, but this claim wasn't necessarily true.

The Consumer Reports' study found that the highest levels of bisphenol-A were found in Del Monte Fresh Cut Green Beans - Blue Lake, Progresso Vegetable Soup, and Campbell's Condensed Chicken Soup. However, even more disturbing was that it was found in Similac Advance Infant Formula and Nestle Juicy Juice in a can.
It's already been shown that infants are at risk (High BPA levels found in hospitalized, premature infants)

Now, it seems we're all at risk.

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