Dec 9, 2009

Warning !! Facebook Scam Emails

Been getting a lot of these scam emails allegedly from Facebook. These emails are designed to scam your private information. Do not respond to them. They all say similar things. Facebook isn't going to contact you in an e-mail like this. Here's a sample of what one said (in red):
[facebook logo]

Dear Facebook user,
In an effort to make your online experience safer and more enjoyable, Facebook will be implementing a new login system that will affect all Facebook users. These changes will offer new features and increased account security.
Before you are able to use the new login system, you will be required to update your account.
Click here to update your account online now.
If you have any questions, reference our New User Guide.
The Facebook Team

Update your Facebook account
This message was intended for [my email address]
Facebook's offices are located at 1601 S. California Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94304.

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