Feb 4, 2010

Kidnapped Christian Missionaries in Haiti

The corrupt Haitian government hates Christians. They've made that clear. This, in spite of the millions of dollars in aid coming from thousands of Christian churches and people. In light of the recent arrests and charges leveled at the 10 misguided, but sincere American Christian missionaries, three things are rather apparent:

1. The Haitian government is not interested in the truth. It knows there was no kidnapping attempts made. It knows that these were people trying to help. Were they misguided? Clearly. But were they "kidnappers?" Hardly.

2. The Haitian government has been tolerant against a wide array of abuses against its own people for decades, and has turned a blind eye to justice. It has allowed corrupt individuals to run the government, without punishment and without intervention. Suddenly, there's a world stage and they want to show what? That they are a real government who cares for their children? That's a joke. A sick one, at that. They've impoverished their children and sent tens of thousands of them to early graves with their (government) greed and ineptness and corrpution.    

Conclusion: The Haitian government has an agenda.  

3. The American government knows there was no kidnapping attempt. Our government was quite willing to run the country, to pick up the pieces, to maintain control, and in some respects, to even police things. But suddenly, our government goes deaf and dumb and is without power? It knows there was no kidnapping by these 10 American Missionaries. And, anyone with half a brain knows  our government could have sidetracked this and derailed this mockery of justice. One must wonder why.  I know, as do most Americans, that the response that this was an internal matter for the nation of Haiti to decide is so much political mumbo-jumbo. We  could have intervened without so much as a whimper from the Haitian government. Haiti is getting so much aid from America, that the misguided attempts by a handful of missionaries to give some kids a better environment would have been a non-issue two seconds after the Obama Administration told the Haitian government to make it go away.

I think sometimes people in "high places" think the rest of us are stupid. I really do.

Well, there's a lot of Christian voters out there who are watching this drama. We'll remember how our government reacted to fellow citizens in jeopardy in a foreign land, who happened to be Christians, in the coming elections. We really will.

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