Dec 20, 2010

AT & T Email Scams

If you get the following email purported to be from At & T, it is a scam and not from AT & T. Do not reply to it, but instead, delete it. There are a million bogus email cons all waiting for the unconscious, nieve  victim to respond to their scheme to get your password. Dont' fall for it.

Dear AT&T Subscriber's,

We are contacting you to remind you that our
Account Review Team (ART) has identified some
unusual activity in yourAT&T webmail Account. As
a result,access to your account has been limited
in accordance with the AT&T Online User
Agreement. Your account access will remain
limited until this issue has been resolved. You
are therefore required to provide the
information below;

° AT&T Email UserID and Password (********)

Please provide all these information completely
and correctly otherwise due to security reasons
we may have to close your AT&T account
temporarily. We thank you for your prompt
attention to this matter. Please understand that
this is a security measure intended to help
protect you and your AT&T Account. We apologise
for any inconvenience.

The AT&T Technical Team
© 2010 AT&T All right reserved.

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